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Global Team

• The seasoned core management team with a long track record of accomplishment, leadership and deep knowledge is essential to the continuous business development and our aspiration to becoming a world-class organization


• Consisting of leading scientists, physicians and industry veterans, our Scientific Advisory Board provides strong professional support in shaping our R&D strategies


• By exploring the frontiers of medical science, the team with both China and US professionals are effectively executing our business development strategy

Our R&D Team
As of June 30, 2023
Career Development

Attract, develop and retain top talents towards a world-class global organization

· Forster the culture of innovation, collaboration and high efficiency

· Seamlessly cooperation between China and US teams

· Develop the high-potential talents to future leaders

· Build high-performing organization.

  1. Competitive Compensation

    · Monthly Salary & Year-end Bonus  

    · Employee Stock Option Plan    

    · Allowance   

    · Group Insurance Plan




  2. Healthy Workplace

    · Shanghai: Zhangjiang / Pu Xi CBD

    · Beijing: Chaoyang CBD

    · US Office

    · Flexible Working Hours

    · Instagrammable Office  

    · Fitness Clubs


  3. Career Development

    · Career Paths cross China & US

    · Annual Awards

    · Development Club

    · Training and Internal Promotion




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