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Yang Mengxue

Principal research scientist
Joining Laekna Therapeutics in December 2017

I’ve been with Laekna for five years, and I have grown from a rookie to the principal research scientist responsible for our development program. I feel very proud and confident.

She is a cover character on the website of Laekna. She is our principal research scientist responsible for early R&D, and one of the projects that she's driving has entered pre-clinical candidate (PCC) stage.


As a Ph.D. holder in biochemistry, she can handle complex trial design, massive data, and statistical analysis. In her daily life, she likes to watch documentaries online and can even give her dog a haircut.


Vibrant innovation atmosphere impresses me


The bond between Laekna and me started from a chat in a café five years ago. It was an informal interview, and I was greatly impressed by this innovative company. The vibrant atmosphere touched me a lot. Later, I became a member of Laekna.


After joining the company, I found that my decision was absolutely right. My job is pre-clinical R&D. At that time, several of the company's projects were still in their infancy. Our founder and CEO Dr. Lu personally took the lead to get deeply involved in all aspects of R&D. In a science-driven environment with strong innovation and execution capabilities, a project that I participated in successfully passed the company's review and entered the PCC stage. It is a first-in-class innovative pathway inhibitor, which has the potential to be developed as an effective target for next-generation oncology treatment. I feel extremely proud about it.


Build capabilities to oversee research programs


Our team is now advancing several research programs on cancers and liver fibrosis. For these programs, we need to prioritize both innovation and efficiency. Luckily, we can borrow expertise and deep industry insights from Justin, our Chief Scientific Officer. He has more than 20 years of experience in early drug discovery. Every time we meet or discuss, the point or suggestion he puts forward can always inspire us. With this professional team, I've gained a lot of valuable experience. Last year, I even started to lead a program on my own for the first time!


An'online streamer'to share tips and habits with colleagues


The company also organizes many activities on learning, development and wellness. I used to be an"online streamer" in an internal webcast to share my takeaways on how to keep clean space and a clean mind by cultivating potted plants. I also shared with them online resources on high-definition dramas. I hadn't expected I received very positive responses from my colleagues.


Thanks to the platform built by the company, my colleagues and I can show the other side of ourselves, and work more closely with each other. Working with the company for 5 years, I feel that I fit in well with Laekna's culture. We have an equal, inclusive and warm environment where we feel inspired and motivated to unleash our talents in scientific research and other professional fields.


This is a very meaningful job. We have the potential to help patients, and we also have a good team and vision. I hope that my next project will also turn into a PCC, and let's move a step closer to eventually benefit patients.

A day of Dr. Yang Mengxue:


Biological experiments

Conduct biological experiments based on pre-set design and preliminary preparation.



Summary of data analysis

Perform statistical analysis on data from biological experiments, work out experiment conclusions, and design optimization schemes


Literature Review

Check research papers and patents related to the project, and follow new developments and industry trends.


Patent related work and study

Complete patent-related work, learn and accumulate knowledge about patents


Communicate with CRO

Work closely with colleagues from external CRO to share the latest experiment results and discuss problems and solutions. Follow the progress and work out the schedule to coordinate internal and external processes.

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