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Ruipeng Zhang

Director, Discovery Research - Biology
Joined Laekna Therapeutics in May 2017

I hope to advance our new drug candidates to clinical stages as soon as possible to benefit patients

I am the a No.003 employee of Laekna Therapeutics and was a colleague of Dr. Chris Lu when we were at Novartis. Dr. Lu has a very good reputation throughout in the industry, with known for his top research capabilities, leadership and integrity. When I learned that he decided to start up a business, I did not hesitate to join him


Starting up a business is very different from doing research. As a scientist-turned entrepreneurn entrepreneuring scientist, Dr. Lu has adapted to his new role successfully. A scientist’s mindset is a boon to a biotech company.


I think the start-up team at Laekna is outstanding. In addition to Dr. Lu, our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Xiangju Gu, is also a typical scientist. They are very nice and particularly insightful. Dr. Gu has very rich experience in the early development of drugs and knows the industry dynamics well. He is familiar with each company’s pipeline, the characteristics of a variety of targets, as well as advantages and disadvantages of the drugs that are bound to      these targets. With his help, our early research and development capabilities have been significantly enhanced. Now our company’s R&D pipeline has becomeis more reasonedreasonable and distinctive, and and we have added many innovative projects in oncology and immuno-oncology.


In addition, our Lingang factory is under construction, and it will achieve CMC production in the shortest time frame, to accelerate new drug development , and provide strong support to clinical research... I hope we can advance our new drug candidates to clinical stages as soon as possible to benefit patients, and that’s the biggest compliment to us.

Dr. Zhang’s Daily Life at Laekna


Literature review

Check progress in related fields


Trial design

Design various experiments for projects and identify the protocols


Communications with CRO

Communicate with CRO on the progress of projects and identify follow-up experiment processes and protocols. 


Experiment implementation and data analysis

Conduct exploratory experiments, analyze data and identify follow-up experiment plans

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